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General AceClamp Related FAQ's

Most of my installers use hammer drills – they are faster than power screw guns. 
We don’t recommend tightening the AceClamps with hammer drills. AceClamps are designed with anti-backout features so that vibrations common to wind flutter along coastal regions and seismic activity on the west coast preventing AceClamps from loosening. The action of a hammer drill may damage the locking mechanisms allowing the clamp to loosen over time.

How do I know what torque to use?
Check the manufacturer’s instructions and data sheet for the recommended torque based on the roof panel type and material thickness. Questions? Contact AceClamp engineering.

Can I use AceClamps and the snow rail for fall protection?
Although we have one of the strongest clamps in the business, we have not specifically tested AceClamps for fall protection and discourage customers from using it in this manner.

How do I know which product I need?
Contact AceClamp for a custom engineered layout and product suggestion based on snow load.

How do I determine my snow load?
AceClamp will help in determining the snow load based on a few factors like project location, type of panel, slope, and size of the roof. Best to leave this job to the professional.

Will your clamps fit my roof?
AceClamp has a solution for most roofing profiles. Provide your panel manufacturer and model, or a picture and we will suggest the appropriate clamp for you.

How do I know your clamps will hold?
AceClamp rigorously tests all our clamps with a third party to ensure they will perform through the harshest conditions.

Why consider a bar system over a pad-style snow guard?
Bar systems offer greater durability compared to their glue-down counterparts and surely will outlive them for years to come.

How do I order?
AceClamp ships directly to you. Click here to order.

Our Quality Statement

PMC Industries, Inc. aims to ensure that the manufacture of its molded and metal products are of the highest quality. We have partnered with companies in the aerospace, medical, automotive, solar, robotic and construction industries. We intend to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. Our molded polycarbonate Snow Queen and Snow King snow guards are still the standards in the industry today.

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About Us

If you’re using the same old products to mount solar, satellite, communications, ductwork – or practically anything to metal roofs, you’re wasting time and money. The AceClamp® family of metal snow guards and solar mounting clamps give you stronger and more flexible mounting options. Our patented slide-pin design won't damage roof surfaces, therefore preserving the roof's warranty. 

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